False Allegations ~ False Accusations ~ Recovered Memories
One Man's Story
A recent email.  I have not yet checked out the facts, but it is the second of two egregious cases with similar events.  I am awaiting a chronology of the facts from the author of the email.  I have not edited the email.
17 January 2011

     Since the abuse to me is such a pure perversion and deeply uprooting violation and has been aggressive and targeted on me so long, harming me repeatedly, deeply affecting all primal facets of my life so long, I can admit I am psychologicially wounded. The aspect of government wanting to suppress their misdeeds compounds things more. But from here I will do my best to convey facts without emotion, and thank you for just that advice alone. I have been unassisted hanging by a thread so long, and now even counseling is unavailable to help keep me together. Just food and housing is now extremely difficult for me.

       The abuse to my name in Mass. began just after my Mother in law murdered my father in law in NY and when my in laws elected to cover it up, and won my wife’s mind to also conceal it and suddenly divorce me from in Mass.. That cover up by my in laws developed expanded and intensified into a serious campaign over time to destroy me as key and indignant witness. Actions to silence me were legal and illegal both and unrelenting. Abuse of process with my name in Mass. persisted and finally succeeded to drive me off then frame me as an irresponsible father, and Mass. would not hear me, but put restrictions on me solely on the word of those others who are actually conspiring to destroy me as an indignant witness. I do not doubt they have the ability and will to kill a male family member as private punishment and carry on with lies to younger generations, for I witnessed them do this already.

       This frame up punishing me as a father, by those who I witnessed murder a Father, those who criminally intend to shut me down or corner me, is too repugnant to endure. But the restrictions on me from manipulated Mass. themselves prevent me from any fairness to expose and bring justice to this. I am immobilized and impoverished, stranded, unemployed dead in the water just as was desired by my perpetrators. The attempts on me are reported to NYS Police and others.  I need help enlightening Mass. officials to remove my name from the passport non-renewal list to play fair, to protect my life and physically approach the courts there safely as a key murder witness of a celebrity, a citizen who has this right. Every day they do not hear or do this, they are continuing a cover up that is now exposed, impeding a murder investigation and enforcing for a devious male murderer repeating male and father hate activity on me.  Every day I am more abused and endangered, not to say what has become of my sons in thier crosshairs. Mass. has also been made aware when terror was personally on me here while still immobilized by their restrictions falsely and thing were very urgent. They were rude and insulting, only because I am a (framed) father.

         There must be a way I can approach them and contest the restrictions on me coming from unclean hands. I am willing to invite publicity to this official report. Any assistance is very appreciated. Clearly, they are resisting being enlightened by me, have no provision for self-correction or simple justice, without regard to how it is directly endangering my life over and over and perpetuating violent crime and a great injustice.

         I did not realize you are now living in Costa Rica, but I am happy for you about that for multiple reasons.

         It is indeed dangerous to be right when government is wrong, as I have learned like you. They are now perfectly backwards. I witnessed a female murder a father. The same stealthy female then discovered the bias and ease of creating enforcements on me from Mass., repulsively in the name of my fatherhood, and Mass. will not hear me, not at any point. They must cease punishing the innocent witness on behalf of the guilty murderer. This is a basic case of murder and witness persecution using abuse of process, and Mass. will only insist it is about the dept of Revenue and a missing father and gender issue. But this is America. I was and still am sheltering from their violent attacks, including the private attack on my life that is reported to NYS Police, that was coordinated by them to occur to me at the exact same time that Mass. was publicly manipulated by these unclean hands into restricting me on behalf of offenders. They knew just what lies to tell Mass. while I was reducing my exposure to them. That attempt on my life had features and a strategy that duplicated the murder I already witnessed. Mass. must stop exposing me to danger, and give me my constitutional protections regardless of my gender or family role. I can only stand against restrictions placed on me as extra ordinarily corrupt and invasive,a device of a murderer I witnessed, contrived and meant to destroy me as a key witness. Mass. Revenue can only parrot- “No retroactive modifications period”. What is this tyranny?

         Barbara, I am after all this , braced Mass. will again single me out for more forced deliberate injustice without my fair hearing, ever ! Not Once ! I only expect as much from them anymore.

         But my thought is if we approach them formally and correctly then use media and internet to bring attention and pressure, it may break the log jam. I welcome your thoughts.

         Again thank you, and I will do the best I can to simplify the chronology of events/crimes.


A follow-up email from the above gentleman.  I have redacted only a few names for reasons of confidentiality.
         Part of the pressure brought to bear on me was the fact that my Father in law was an international celebrity and childrens champion this case about the sustained abuse to his own grandchildren would bring unwanted publicity and more trauma for me and my children. That is over, my sons are 23 & 24, and I feel forced to go public for relief and am braced and prepared for that and want it to work for me. In my efforts to plan to gain attention, I have spoken to some Hollywood people, agents and celebrities about selling this story to attract lights and justice. The largest .................... producers, .... ............... .................., is very interested but want to see how the police/ municipal corruption aspect play out in public. But since they only suppress and cover this, there is no play out in public, only stifling, ignoring and stonewalling me into oblivion- another catch-22. I would be happy for published writers to see it for the possibility they may help me write and express it all, too complex for me, and though my ideas have been picked up in entertainment before, I am not a trained writer. But I am reaching for all the help I can, my life is endangered much too long.

         But yes you have my permission to reprint my letter.

         Almost all the info you suggested for the chronology is available and I am assembling now. If I were to further play along with the corrupt and false version of things held by Mass. officials as presented and told by females acting with unclean hands in my absence those who were acting in concealment and punishment on me as a murder witness, I would be agreeing with the falseness. Mass. has addicted to the lie at the expense of the truth and safety of all concerned, esp. the children they are claiming to protect. But to deny me me right to be heard for this long is intolorable and damaging. They punish me without hearing my side, except as presented by my criminal offenders. They prohibit me from physically traveling to thier courts now by holding my passport from me while overseas. This after years of police and officials actively threatening me away from their courts and normal justice. Mass. must come to accept, some fathers are good and innocent, have had their name brought before Mass. falsely with malice, and females do offend fathers and society with domestic murder and cover up actions.

         I will return to you shortly with more facts, far less emotion and a clearer picture of my case.